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Rolled roofing is a type of roofing that is preferred by many homeowners to cover flat roofs. It is an asphalt product made available in the form of rolls laid over the roof to protect against the elements. Rolled roofing is a much cheaper option than many other types of roofing and looks pretty good when laid by experts. Antioch Roofing Pros Co. is a popular and reliable roofing contractor specializing in rolled roofing. If you are interested, please call us at (925) 431-6622 to receive no obligations, free quote for the project involving rolled roofing in Antioch.

What Exactly is Rolled Roofing?

If you look at a roll of such roofing, you will find that it is a product coated with asphalt and reinforced with fiberglass. Upon touching, it feels like a ceramic surface that is granular and designed to give protection against rain and sun’s UV rays. On the reverse side, rolled roofing is coated with a mineral. Rolls of roofing are available at hardware stores, and pieces can be joined together with adhesive or metal fasteners. This reroofing material is ideal for flat or low sloping roofs that are not inhabited, such as carports, garages, parking lots, sheds, workshops, and so on. 

Installation of Rolled Roofing

Rolled roofing is readymade, and it is easily available at a hardware store near you. However, the important part of its use is whether it has been properly installed or not. Before starting to roll out the roll like a carpet, it is important to clear the roof so that there is no debris or gravel to damage the roll later on. At Antioch Roofing Pros Co., we have years of experience in laying rolled roofing on our customers’ roofs. Our craftsmen know how important it is to prevent any damage or puncture to the rolled roofing as even a small hole or a gap can ruin the roof and allow water to seep in very easily. 

Strips of the roll are cut into various lengths according to the length and breadth of the roof, and these pieces are installed one by one. We usually carry the rolls to the rooftop and then cut the strips after measuring the roof’s length and breadth. 

Advantages of Rolled Roofing

  • It is quite inexpensive
  • Reroofing can be done very quickly 
  • Rolls are readymade and can be easily transported to the rooftop (a single roll weighs around 75 pounds)

This reroofing material is great when you need immediate protection against the natural extremities. Though not as durable as other expensive roofing types, many homeowners prefer roll roofing as it suits their budget. However, rolled roofing is not suitable for every homeowner and every roof. This is why it is advisable to know whether your roof is the right candidate for this kind of roofing. 

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