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Membrane roofing is a type of roofing that is ideal for flat or nearly flat roofs. It provides very effective protection to the rooms underneath from the elements, especially the rainwater and the harsh UV rays of the sun. A properly installed membrane roof drains away from the rainwater before it has any chance of seeping down from the roof. Membrane roofing has traditionally been more popular on commercial buildings, but of late, it has gained popularity among large numbers of homeowners.

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Membrane Roofing is an Umbrella Term

There was a time initially when membrane roofing referred to a membrane of tar and pitch to provide insulation to the roof from the elements. However, over a while, many synthetic substances have evolved to provide a highly effective waterproofing solution to commercial building owners. In a flat roof, architects think of many ways to take away rainwater so that it does not make a pool on the flat roof. 

Membranes to cover flat roofs have been in vogue for the last 70 years. These membranes gradually became very advanced with the development of synthetic rubbers and plastics. Manufactures could create lightweight and yet very durable membranes for flat roofs. These membranes virtually seal the roof without leaving any chances for leakage. 

Three Types of Membrane Roofs

Thermostat Membranes

In this type of membrane roofing, many different strips or layers become joined so strongly that they virtually become a single layer with cross-linking of molecules taking place. These membranes are mostly made out of synthetic rubbers.

Thermoplastic Membrane

These are membrane roof created out of plastics. The term PVC is commonly associated with this type of membrane. There is no cross-linking of molecules in this membrane, and different layers are joined through adhesives or the application of heat. There is no way water can find a way through this membrane.

Modified Bitumen

This membrane is the advanced version of the traditional asphalt roof in which tar, pitch, and gravel are used. Today, the membrane is fortified with rubbers, plastics, and other chemicals. After individual strips have been laid down, they are joined through the application of heat. Modified bitumen membrane is a much better option than the traditional asphalt roofs. 

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